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Welcome to Wyoming Expeditions. We specialize in ELK HUNTING! Unlike many outfitters in the west, we don’t claim to hunt numerous species, nor do we want to. We do what we love - ELK HUNTING and it is our PASSION. We love hunting elk in the rut and in the migration. That is why we hunt the “Thorofare“ just outside of Yellowstone.

Elk hunting camp is in Northwest Wyoming in the Teton Wilderness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest 9 miles from the Southeastern corner of Yellowstone National Park. We hunt the headwaters of the Thorofare River. The “Thorofare” is considered to be the entire drainage that drains to the Thorofare River in Wyoming elk area 60. The Thorofare is so named because of the migration routes for the big game in this drainage - it is a Thorofare!

WYOGA - Big Game Contest NON-Typical Elk ** 1st Place ** Warren Winslow

Warren Winslow's 2010 Thorofare Elk





In 2010, We had 30 elk hunters who:
  • Killed 23 bulls (77%)
  • 29 / 30 (97%) shot at an elk .
  • 30 /30 (100%) had opportunity .
We recognize that it is important for outfitters to prove their stats: Here are the pictures of the elk from 2010:

All outfitters have good web site; however, they need to substantiate their claims. Our group photos above as well as our free magazine does just that. Click here for your free magazine.

A successful hunt should not be measured just by the kill but by the memories that our hunters carry with them for the rest of their life. If you seek a great hunt, free chase, a true adventure and stories to tell your buddies, children or grandchildren then you are on the right page. Bottom line, hunter success is so good because there are so many elk in our area.

This is a remote wilderness hunt and wilderness means no roads, no permanent improvements, no chainsaws nor generators. This is an old fashion expedition where traveling is done on horses and mules. Hunters are provided a knowledgeable hunting guide, a cook and hot meals, a wrangler to care for the horses and mules, spacious wall tents with a wood stove and a cot with a foam pad. We ride out of camp every morning into some of the most awesome mountain country that God created. We prefer to glass, call, spot and stalk but we will accommodate our hunter’s preference. The elk in our area are very vocal and respond well to calls especially in the early hunts. The elevation of camp is around 8500 feet and the tree line is about 10,000 feet and the elk will be somewhere in between. We offer 8 day hunts with one day to travel to camp, 6 days of hunting and one day to travel back to Cody. It will be an unforgettable experience that will keep calling you back every fall.

1) We are in Wyoming and there is a drawing for elk tags via a lottery. Tags are limited and therefore hunting pressure is limited but not difficult to draw. Wyoming Game and Fish does a great job of taking care of the elk herds by limiting hunting.

2) We have a huge area. Our area is 9 miles in one direction and 6 miles in the other direction. Although not exactly square, it is a huge area. Some outfitters have a great hunting area but because they book too many hunters with too small of an area, they push the elk out of their area. We do not do this. A huge hunting area alone does not provide great hunting, so read on.

3) We are close to Yellowstone National Park which is 2.2 million acres where hunting is not allowed.

4) We are far from the road. To get to our camp, we travel 7 to 8 hours on horses and mules. When hunting season starts, the elk don’t always stand near the road.

5) There are thousands of acres of grass. There is plenty of feed for the elk. Even the woods have a lot of grass. The woods are not so thick to keep the grass from growing.

6) There is a migration from Yellowstone that moves through our area. If you catch it right, it is a sight to see. The Thorofare was named this because of the migration routes.

Rifle hunting in the rut. Yes - you heard it right. Rifle season starts September 10 and our first three rifle hunts are in various stages of the rut. If that does not get your blood pumping then this hunt is not for you. The elk are very vocal in our area and respond well to both bugling and cow calling. Sometimes they even come running in.

If you want to hunt with an outfit that is passionate about elk hunting and guides that just can’t wait for opening day of elk season - the same as children can’t wait for Christmas, then you are on the right web page.

I invite you to look at our photo gallery.

If you like to read hunting stories, then sign up for our magazine. It will have a rundown of our hunting season and best of all, it will have stories of adventure from our hunters. Our magazine should be complete sometime in November and I would like to send you one, just click here.

If you would like to know more about Yellowstone and the millions of acres of public land that surrounds us, just click here.

Theodore Roosevelt is the reason we have the national resources that abound today ! Click here to read more.

We have made a page for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and their web site. When you are in Cody, stop by, you will be glad you did. Plan on spending the whole day.

If you are still surfing the web looking for somewhere to hunt, I have made a page to help hunters figure out what they are looking for,just click here.

My name is Jeff Krueger (Business Owner and Elk Hunting Addict) - you are welcome to call me at 678-953-2026

We don’t just offer elk hunts, we offer Wyoming Expeditions.


                           Equal Opportunity Service Provider

Ron's Thorofare Elk !

Outfitter: Jeff Krueger /BG345

We are working under a special use permit from the Bridger-Teton National Forest